When FHGs Redirect to Mobile Tours

–Note: writing this more from the perspective of a WEBMASTER rather than a sponsor —

Last week I decided to try to earn some NastyDollars bonus money on their $75 pay-per-sale RK promo.

Here’s the post I made on my blog: A Few Reality Kings Faves

So everything seemed cool until I looked at my post on the phone and clicked through to the galleries . . . AND THEY FUCKING REDIRECT TO THEIR MOBILE TOURS INSTEAD OF THE GALLERIES!

What. The FUCK.

Anyone else find this totally annoying and unacceptable? When I send my traffic to a gallery, I want it to go to THE GALLERY! Really undermines my readers’ trust, and my trust in ND. A gallery isn’t hard to surf on a phone, so let people go to the gallery and when/if they click through to the site, THEN go ahead and redirect it to mobile!

I really like NastyDollars and don’t understand why they’d do this.

I don’t have time to search the boards to find out if there’s discussion on this. Feel free to comment with links if you do.

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