MasterCard & Their $500

The news that MasterCard is now charging a fee for so-called “high risk” accounts is unwelcome, but not a shocker.

I’m actually just surprised it took this long for them to join Visa in exploiting us.

The sad thing is that $500 is nothing to big corporate porn sites, but for homemade self-produced paysite folks it’s significant, if not prohibitive.

Fortunately it’s not going to be a nail in our coffin like it is for some people, but it IS expensive (and super inconvenient/bad timing, coming right after filing taxes).

I wouldn’t describe it as expensive if Visa and Mastercard were actually providing us with new services or a service that’s different from mainstream, but given the fact that the high risk designation is unwarranted — and folks like us have years of loyal customers and low chargeback rates to prove it — it’s excessive and just exploitative.

The fucked up part is that mom-and-pop type sites aren’t the ones who scam people by the millions. It’s like a regressive tax, and the BONUS we get for paying it is that the credit card companies and payment processors get to decide and REPORT TO THE GOVERNMENT that we are in this high-risk PORNO designation (something I’ve wanted to blog about, but haven’t had time . . . plus I know I’ll just sound mighty paranoid and weird).

Anyhoo . . . (on or about) May 24th is the day we have to pay.

Affiliates/bloggers/webmasters: you’re doing the world a favor if you send indies more (and extra) traffic than corporate porn sites! ESPECIALLY right now.

I’m pretty sure everybody wants MORE than just Brazzers to promote.

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