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Promos / CCBTools

I finally cancelled our subscription to ccbtools (which we’ve been using to deliver promos, link codes, etc.); they haven’t updated in years, our banners disappeared (again), and now their site is totally down. I tried calling them yesterday … no response. So our license is invalidated. It’s still working a little with what we’ve got, but we need to come up with an alternative.

YOUR LINKS STILL WORK – this doesn’t impact you as an affiliate (you can totally keep using our tools as they are now, and we probably can keep adding to them but I fear something could break further and the whole thing be dumped) except it makes it more challenging for us to deliver promos to you in an efficient way, and really it’s high time we re-assess (as webmasters, affiliates and sponsors ourselves) how we sell stuff.


The past couple of years I’ve been slowly coming out of denial: we can’t do it all — can’t sustain doing things by other people’s standards (that I’m old enough now to recognize I can mostly reject) and just HOPING we can squeeze in doing things to our own standards. I’ve stopped doing pretty much everything obligatory, and am in a grieving and hibernation period that I expect to emerge from doing fewer things, BETTER. Unfortunately that has not left room for me to build promos or do the things I want to do to help affiliates make money on our sites. But I still want to. In the meantime, I apologize. Delia’s site is still awesome and regularly updating, and you should promote it … and the rest of our sites are still valuable (especially to augment Delia’s and our unique stories – there truly are no sites — no couple — like us with a collection spanning as many years and CHANGES as we have and still updating) enough to promote.

The sites in our network have incredibly unique homemade content. I very much want to bring more old-school dawn-of-the-internet porn and autobiographical sites into our network to be good stewards to the herstory of do-it-yourself porn on the internet and how all of that came to be, preserving what some amazing unique people have created and challenging the standardized corporate-controlled templated bullshit that reigns supreme nowadays. And because I care about the people who made (and still make) independent porn and all kinds of naked self-exposing content.

We are passionate about homemade porn, the wild spirit of the old WWW — how it connected us and encouraged true entrepreneurship and creativity. We care about (and know that people out there CRAVE) personal stories unfiltered unmanipulated unFUCKED-with by what facebook or the porn industry or “new media” or google say is popular or acceptable.

We want the freedom of the the nineties-internet back with the speed and tools of today, and to do meaningful pleasurable intimate work with it. People in the porn “industry” have never understood how much our success is about love and providing love stories to people. Surfers want to fall in love: with us, with themselves, with sex, with work, with risk, with bravery … with something (someBODIES) unique and valuable. That’s why crowdfunding is an unstoppable hit; people want to feel invested in someone’s story and passion and see it play out. If you can harness that as an affiliate — that enthusiasm (which you should have yourself for anything you promote) eager to follow A STORY — you will make money. You will even add meaning that people are desperately searching for in a sea of clickbaity bullshit, shallow memes and cookie-cutter content.

Best of luck to all of us, and stay tuned … my site’s members-only area turns thirteen in just a few days / on May 1st. And I still love it and want to live there. Forever.



Weekends & Holidays as Adult Webmasters

Do you do porn work on weekends and/or holidays? Or do you maintain a more traditional schedule?

I personally love working weekends and holidays.

Instead of taking our days off when “normal” people are at work, in school, etc., we build our free time around opportunities for privacy, quiet, freedom from crowds, etc. not so much around socializing with normal people . . . whoever they are. 😉

Working in internet porn means we have a ton of flexibility to make our own schedules. I love the feeling of getting work done on days when other people aren’t accomplishing anything except nursing hangovers, etc. There’s something almost defiant and naughty about working at midnight, weekends and holidays, and then being able to take a leisurely walk, say, on a Tuesday morning when other people are sitting in cubicles and having to kiss people’s asses after enduring early commutes and see a movie when other people haven’t even gotten home from their jobs.

But what about you? I’m curious in part because I often build promos and send emails to you folks (affiliates) on “off” days and wonder if you’re more likely to read and follow-up on them on weekends or if they wind up buried at the bottom when you check your email on a regular work day.

Working late nights, weekends, and holidays embodies a lot of the excitement of being a self-employed internet entrepreneur – I get that feeling of having access to money and gambling to “win” it that regular jobs don’t provide. Every minute feels like an opportunity, and using the minutes other people don’t use to try to make money makes me feel like I have an advantage. Maybe it’s purely psychological, but it’s powerful and exciting to me. I’m making money when other people are SLEEPING!

Nothing is guaranteed — we don’t have the security, predictability or stability of a regular job — instead we have the feeling that there is NO LIMIT.

Most people assume being a webwhore is thrilling because of the sex, but for me the thrill is the GAMBLE of running my own business. It’s like being in an international casino that’s open 24/7 where the rules and games are infinite and constantly changing. And I get to wear my pajamas and be my own dealer.

Most people also assume being a webwhore is unhealthy because of the sex, but for me the biggest real(?) danger is in my addiction to playing this game. I cannot quit, and the thrill is just as much (if not more) on the webmaster side as it is on the camgirl/content/”whore” side.

Looking at weekends, evenings and holidays from the point of view of a gambler, I guess I actually AM doing what a lot of people do (or want to do) when they’re off work. Going to Vegas, trying to get lucky. Playing the lottery and fantasizing about winning. But the way we do it is way way smarter. Isn’t it? Or am I just as crazy as any other compulsive gambler?

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When FHGs Redirect to Mobile Tours

–Note: writing this more from the perspective of a WEBMASTER rather than a sponsor —

Last week I decided to try to earn some NastyDollars bonus money on their $75 pay-per-sale RK promo.

Here’s the post I made on my blog: A Few Reality Kings Faves

So everything seemed cool until I looked at my post on the phone and clicked through to the galleries . . . AND THEY FUCKING REDIRECT TO THEIR MOBILE TOURS INSTEAD OF THE GALLERIES!

What. The FUCK.

Anyone else find this totally annoying and unacceptable? When I send my traffic to a gallery, I want it to go to THE GALLERY! Really undermines my readers’ trust, and my trust in ND. A gallery isn’t hard to surf on a phone, so let people go to the gallery and when/if they click through to the site, THEN go ahead and redirect it to mobile!

I really like NastyDollars and don’t understand why they’d do this.

I don’t have time to search the boards to find out if there’s discussion on this. Feel free to comment with links if you do.

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