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Soft Launch of New WebWhoreBucks

On April 5th we soft-launched the new – a new landing page, a new design and welcome area for potential and existing affiliates built around this new blog with updated information, and a new area and system for delivering promotional content and new tools using ccbtools.

This is much better than me trying to do everything by hand, and much easier for you to customize your link codes!

There are cosmetic things to tweak and of course more promos to build, but you can already see the potential and a few things we didn’t have before:

  • more video promos in a variety of formats
  • gallery exporter
  • customize your link codes on site for every promo!

NOTE: we have NOT changed payment processors; all of your old link codes will still work! The changes have nothing to do with how sales are made, tracked, credited, or how you’re paid out. Basically we just have two new CMSs for WebWhoreBucks — wordpress and ccbtools — to make it easier and better for all of you AND for us!

If you see anything that needs fixing, please let me know here via comments or by emailing. If you want to weigh in on what promo tools we should offer next, comment here.


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Overhauling WebWhoreBucks has been in the works for a long time now, but is finally one of my top three priorities for the first quarter of 2012. We actually had ccbtools installed about a year and a half ago, but a few challenges kept pushing the project to the back burner.

I really really REALLY want everything to be done right now (and perfectly!) but am going to force myself to start using everything (sign-up area & blog plus the new tools) and show it to affiliates before it’s totally “complete” and perfectly shiny. It will be more fun anyway to be able to announce new tools and improvements on a regular basis rather than rolling everything out at once. Right?