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WebWhoreBucks is administered through CCBill. Payments are made by CCBill on a weekly basis, provided you meet the minimum for a check to be cut ($25.00). We offer 50% revenue sharing on new subscriptions and rebills to our affiliates, a 10% webmaster referral, and may provide higher payout rates to qualified affiliates at our own discretion. Cookie life is set at the CCBill default of three days.

If revenue is not shared: it’s possible you may not be credited for sales made to surfers who have disabled cookies or surfers who click on another affiliate’s WebWhoreBucks link after your own. This is a technical limitation common to affiliate programs, not an issue specific to WebWhoreBucks. Otherwise, sales will be rewarded provided your account is not terminated.



We are a small business, and want to spend our time in creative and rewarding pursuits, like making new homemade porn! We don’t have time or resources to argue with scammers, thieves, or people who undermine our work. As such, I’m making this as simple as possible: be forewarned that we can terminate your account at our own discretion. At any time. Without notice or a redemption period or an opportunity to go before a jury of your peers or anything.

Are you taking a risk to promote us without a bunch of legal-sounding terms and conditions outlined? Yes, but only a very small one if you have even a modicum of ethics. We are taking risks too, and have never made anybody wait for approval or sign a contract before they were able to sign up, get access to free content and start getting paid. I’ve actually only suspended a few affiliate accounts in over ten years, and believe me . . . those people KNEW why their accounts were closed.

Even though there are things some affiliates do that I don’t like, for the most part I’m happy for any traffic and will continue to try to reward people for sending it to us even if their methods aren’t ones I’d use myself. Our sites aren’t perfect, we aren’t perfect, and we don’t expect our affiliates to be perfect either. Our new simple terms are really written to protect our business and good affiliates by putting our energy into BEING MORE AWESOME instead of negotiating with assholes.

We also can’t promise to stay in business forever, even though I would like to see our sites live on and on and on. Realistically there’s a pretty good chance ANY business you promote or product you sell will not be around for your whole life.


Note: Our rules are a little different from many of the large corporate sponsors due to the unique personality-driven nature of our sites. We want to cultivate partnerships with people who understand our business model, and who respect our surfers, members, our brand and our products. THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST of prohibited behaviors, they are just a few rules and guidelines. Disregarding them may or may not lead to account suspension.

1. Your affiliate account with us will be terminated if you buy and/or promote us on a domain or subdomain including the word or words “Trixie”, “houseboy”, “Tucker”, “Delia”, “webwhore”, “amberlily” a mispelling of those words or any other reference that I determine intends to divert traffic to your site(s) using names and reputations that we have built for ourselves. You’re supposed to send us fresh traffic, not steal traffic that would already be coming to us if not for your misleading diversions.

  • Exceptions:
    • Subdomains are acceptable provided that there is real content (ex. a review) there, not just a redirect or a bunch of shitty spammy keywords. If you don’t understand the difference between promotion and theft (or search engine optimization vs. SE *spamming*), move along to some big corporate sponsor that doesn’t give a fuck.
    • Also, if your own site has been in business for a long time using one or more of these words, an exception will be made.
    • Please contact me if you have a promotion idea that uses one or more of these words in a domain name seeking to promote our sites and you want to insure your account will not be terminated. For example, if someone wants to buy the domain “TrixieIsABitch.com” and devote it to talking about how bitchy I am while at the same time promoting my site . . . I may say go for it! Sounds like fun!

2. If you use first person in promo text, you must be using YOUR OWN VOICE or use direct quotations from our sites, contained within quotation marks. This is important!!! We run personality sites — our personalities ARE our brand. When affiliates put stupid bullshit in our mouths, it dilutes our personalities and brand, and makes the authenticity of our sites and personalities suspect.

What this means is you cannot put words into our mouths. Do not slap up an avs site, an ad, or gallery saying, “hi! I’m Trixie and I like to fuck” or “hi! I’m Delia and I’m waiting for you at the park!” or anything like that.

If you want to quote something we wrote in our journals or that’s on our sites, GREAT only present it as a quote, with quotation marks. You are not us. You are you. If you pretend to be us, you compromise our personalities which are the foundation of our business. Surfers and members will not trust us if they don’t know who Trixie,  Delia and AmberLily really are. There is only one person allowed to use my pics and say “I’m Trixie” and that’s ME.

If you do use first person, it can be very effective and genuine as in the form of a review or a satisfied customer:

ex. “I first stumbled upon Trixie’s site when I was looking for pictures of a natural girl with freckles. I couldn’t believe this woman had written a manifesto! I had to join just to find out if she would be the next unabomber or my newest addiction!”

3. If you sign up as an affiliate with us please do not demand that we provide a link back to you. We are “reciprocating” enough by paying 50-60% on the signups you send us — do not expect us to send you traffic too. The point of having our affiliate program is to GET traffic, not to pay someone to take more away. You need to decide if you want money or traffic from my program; don’t expect to get both.

Exceptions: There *are* a lot of sites I’ll trade traffic with *and* work with as affiliates, for example other solo girl sites that want to trade galleries within our members area but also want to promote us with a ref code elsewhere. It really depends on the site, the person, their traffic, reputation, and their methods of promotion. If your site provides compelling reasons for people to join ours, then we’ll be more likely to provide reciprocal links. If your site is just some giant link list with a reputation for demanding reciprocal links and then months later REMOVING your link to my site with absolutely no notice, I probably won’t want to work with you.

4. Don’t make promises we can’t keep, or advertise features that are likely to change. For example, don’t advertise that I’m in chat every Tuesday at 4 pm or something like that. Show schedules and chat times change, so be generic when it comes to dates, times, our ages, and how many pounds we weigh.

5. Content usage: our photos, videos, and words may not be used to promote any website(s) except our own and may not be passed off as someone else’s. If pics are resized they must retain proper aspect ratio & high quality look (no fuzzy, grainy pics with degraded quality). All promo pics must bear our url stamp at a readable size unless they are thumbnails. People should not promote our sites using bought content depicting people other than us. You may not use our photos, banners, text, graphics, etc. to promote any sites but ours. Links from images and/or text depicting or describing us or our sites MUST LEAD either to one of our sites or to further promotional efforts clearly advertising one of our sites.

A word on QUANTITY of content used: affiliates and non-affiliates are not permitted to post more than a representative SAMPLING of photos and/or videos. This means you may not make a competing paysite, freesite, blog, etc. out of our content (even if you provide links back) or dump all (or a lot) of our free content all in one place (like a yahoo group) at one time, unbroken up by other content. Promo content is provided to affiliates solely for the purposes of promoting our sites, not eliminating the need to join them. There is no predetermined number of photos or minutes of movies where we draw the line, so use common sense and ask for permission from us if you’re in doubt. It is absolutely against the rules to use entire videos or galleries from our members-only areas without our express permission.

-Free Site: preferably 20 pics, but no more than 30
-Free Gallery: preferably 15 pics, but no more than 20
-Free Movie Gallery: preferably 2 minutes or less total without giving away long segments of the most climactic portions.
-Members Area: one full gallery or movie allowed every 3 months or less frequently, or smaller sample galleries and movies more frequently.
-Any site providing one area devoted specifically to linking to free content from our sites (without breaking up links to our promo materials with significant numbers of links to other free content for other people’s sites): No more than seven galleries and/or free sites OR no more than 150 photos, whichever is more. If you choose to alternate those galleries or free sites, they may not be alternated more frequently than once a month. 9/3/12: removed this limitation so we can be included in popular model directories, etc. Affiliates should actively be trying to MAKE SALES to OUR sites with it, though, not just exploit our free content to capture our search engine traffic and/or send traffic elsewhere. We want you to update our listings often with fresh content and be represented competitively.

If you own a paysite or have a protected members-only area somewhere, you are welcome to post some of our promo content in your members area or outside of it, and to advertise in your tour or update list or blog or whatever that you feature us on your site. I know some sponsors don’t allow that, but I think it’s fine. There’s a fine line between using our content to promote sites that aren’t ours, and simply letting people know the type of content you feature.

For example, if you have a paysite with a preview of member updates in the free area it’s okay to indicate there that you posted one of our galleries and advertise joining your site to see it. It’s NOT okay to make a TGP gallery using our content and have all of the links point to your site; see the difference? Feel free to email us if you’re not sure whether or not your proposed use is breaking the rule or not.

6. No uninvited, misleading, excessive, or tacky spam. This means you CAN promote us via email campaigns provided the following conditions are met:

  • a. your email list is opt-in (surfers actually *asked* to be put on your list).
  • b . your emails provide a way for the customer to effectively opt-out and never get email from you promoting WebWhoreBucks sites again
  • c. the sender on your email must be a real entity (don’t make it look it came from the recipient, from us, or from anyone but yourself)
  • d. NO MISLEADING SUBJECT LINES! (ex. “you never called me back”, “are you mad at me?”, etc.)
  • e. no typos, bad spelling (ex. “webho fo u with big teets fux mastadon”), attempts to fool spam filters, or tacky looking crap (ex. orange lettering on blue background, cheesy gifs, etc.)
  • f. no nude or explicit photos in emails.
  • g. promotion of WebWhoreBucks sites via email must be limited in frequency to once a month or less.

7. No blind links or pop-up ambushes. Surfers must purposefully click on links with full knowledge of where they are going. You may not use our photos, banners, text, graphics, etc. to promote any sites but ours. Links from images and/or text depicting or describing us or our sites MUST LEAD either to one of our sites or to further promotional efforts clearly advertising one of our sites.

8. I hope it goes without saying, but do not promote us from CP sites or sites that promote CP. Do not represent any of our content as containing anything illegal.

9. If you’re given access or gain access to our members-only area(s), you may not harvest and redistribute the following content or use it for promotion (unless it’s already offered as a promo tool at tools.webwhorebucks.com):

  • full length videos, videos containing guest models, videos containing sensitive content that may trigger people upon watching, video promos containing too much of the good stuff, more than 35% of the running time of the video, etc. unless you have express permission for each piece of content
  • members-only stories, members-only blog entries, or other sensitive text, vlogs, information, unless you have express permission for each piece of content
  • zip files containing full sets of pictures
  • any content featuring or mentioning anybody besides Trixie, Delia, Tucker, AmberLily

10. These rules and guidelines may be amended at any time, as we see fit, without notice or posting.

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