Why Promote Us?


  • Unique, exclusive, personality-driven content:
    A real couple-next-door. We shoot our content ourselves, maintain our sites ourselves, and none of our content is resold or plastered up on a thousand other cookie-cutter sites. Where else are you going to find a network of sites run by and featuring a cougarlicious big-tit girl-girl couple where one of us has a cock and the other a pussy? Chances are your surfers have never been exposed to personalities and sites like ours, so reap the benefits of introducing them to someone new, genuine, and exciting!
  • Promotional Tools:
    We’re not just models or amateurs . . . WE’RE WEBMASTERS TOO! We want to give you the tools to make it easy to promote our sites. In spring of 2012 we unveiled a robust and easy-to-use method of delivering promos to you using ccbtools; we don’t want you to be stuck with just a couple of banners to try to send us sales, and we’re continuing to work on adding different resources in addition to hosted galleries, zip files and banners. 2016 NOTE: unfortunately ccbtools stopped updating, functioning, or responding to support requests; we are hopeful and full of ideas to update marketing approaches and provide new tools to affiliates that attract and convert traffic we didn’t have back when old porn industry standards were created, and are still working hard to find the best ways to deliver promo materials to you. In the meantime: YOUR CREATIVITY, INITIATIVE AND LOVE OF THE GAME WILL GET YOU FAR!
  • Depend on the future:
    Our sites have plans and promise for the future, and a history of solid, steady growth since 2002. We’re committed to our sites and our members, and love what we do. Because we’re in this for the long haul and are so personally invested in our sites, you can count on us to avoid the major problems that plague so many other solo-girl/guy and amateur sites: they flake out, drop out of the game, switch sponsors, and are all too often people you cannot count on to be around next month, let alone five or ten years down the road.
  • Indie porn champions:
    In addition to the commitment we have to our own personal sites, we want to be stewards of unique pro-am self-produced porn that helped build the internet, and function as a tiny intimate wayback-machine. We are working towards updating and strengthening our overall indie-porn empire to build a secure, profitable and beautiful base to archive and/or rescue indie sites who can no longer justify paying for hosting, credit card fees, or the immense amounts of work required to maintain their sites. WE VALUE UNIQUE CONTENT: IT IS TRULY EVERGREEN. Our transition into the future of porn and media requires a shift from doggedly creating more and more and more content to feed to tubes and other free sites, to publishing less and selling more. This means maximizing the sales potential of amazing unseen content we already have, branding our work as valuable and as a highly personal part of a story … and not working ourselves to death for too-little money. Free content distribution is more important than ever, but it should be strategic to creating recognition, desire and loyalty, NOT creating a glut of porn that devalues all of us and our work.
  • Ethical business methods:
    Promote sites you can be proud of! We are honest with our members and affiliates, never make it a challenge to cancel, and deliver on our promises. We are not interested in making money if it means compromising quality or integrity . . . not TOO much, anyway! We’re not delusional about how the internet porn industry or horny minds work – we’ll enthusiastically stoop to tackiness, vulgarity and other fun stuff but not deception or carelessness. Our sites depict mature adults enjoying sexuality in honest, non-degrading (yet often kinky), authentic photos, videos and stories.


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