WebWhoreBucks offers Unique Homemade Personality Sites!

Our content is EXCLUSIVE — In fact, we shoot 99% of it ourselves! We do not sell our content to other paysites – we create it just for our websites!

All of the WebWhoreBucks sites are networked together: when a customer joins ONE of our sites, they instantly get access to all of the others, too, IN A VARIETY OF NICHES YOU JUST DON’T SEE BUNDLED TOGETHER IN OTHER NETWORKS:

Not only does this increase retention, it provides the members you send us with an opportunity to explore content they might otherwise be too shy to seek out, or are totally surprised that they like. We’ve had guys become foot fetish fans who didn’t even know they liked feet . . . and of course many a guy who’d never explored “tranny” porn before becomes hooked on Delia once they get access to her via TastyTrixie or AmberLily.

Members immediately recognize how personal and REAL our porn is  through our blogs, webcams, and the level of intimacy in our photos and videos. It’s evident what we do isn’t created in a studio by a corporation and not something they can find anywhere else.

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3 Responses to “Sites”

  1. Hey Guys,

    One of our former colleagues, Matthew, reached out to you a while ago and I was hoping we could pick-up where you two left off.

    I believe he was looking to partner with you on our mailing solution.

    We work with over 250 programs and a lot of the leaders of our industry put their trust in Gamma for managing these assets. Hustler, Vivid, GroobyBucks, KellyCash, Payserve, DatingGold, etc…

    Ring a bell?

    I hope we can chat soon,


  2. Yes, that rings a bell and Delia is very gung ho on it, but we really need a solution that also allows us to send mailings to promote things (books, free sites, etc.) and maintain subscribers for multiple sites where we do not have the ability to set it up for affiliates to make sales.

  3. Hey Trixie,

    My apologies, I never received a notification about your response!

    We can definitely work with you to promote the sites, products, etc… that you need to make current and former users aware of.

    Let’s chat. Catch me on Skype (gamma_tina)



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