DeliaCD – a solo girl site where the girl was actually my cross-dressing boyfriend in drag!

delia crossdressing site

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Before Delia recognized herself as a transwoman, DeliaCD was where Tucker’s femme persona dressed up in women’s clothing. Crossdressing content is hard to come by, highly sought-after and NOT interchangeable with the majority of tranny porn featuring women who identify and present full time as women. DeliaCD features a beard shadow, lots of super slutty makeup and clothes that guys dream of wearing.

Tasteful yet kinky, DeliaCD appeals to tranny-lovers, gender-fuckers, and other straight guys, like dudes who crossdress themselves. TONS of leggy hosiery content, she-cock stroke videos, and intimate commentary with each update.

DeliaCD also gives hope and inspiration to a lot of people living as men who like to cross-dress or even dream of transitioning; through her blog entries, transition vlogs documenting her transition, and access to three sites featuring her at every stage from looking like a man to living as the woman she is – members can see her whole deeply intimate (and enviable, to some) journey to her authentic self, make her sites both erotic AND personally moving.

Marketable to fans of: sissies, feminization, transformation, stockings, pantyhose, thigh-highs, crossdressing, long legs, masturbation, anal, cams, voyeurism, strip-tease, transvestites, upskirts, panties, high heels, hosiery, trans-curious


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Note: this site is currently a static collection that’s not often updated due to Delia coming to terms with her true gender identity and transition. We look forward to redesigning and shooting more content with sissies and men who look very masculine with feminine stuff layered on top. Until then, the collection is exquisite and unique, and membership also provides access to the rest of the sites in our network, including Delia’s “boy” site and her current award-winning site, DeliaTS.

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