Weekends & Holidays as Adult Webmasters

Do you do porn work on weekends and/or holidays? Or do you maintain a more traditional schedule?

I personally love working weekends and holidays.

Instead of taking our days off when “normal” people are at work, in school, etc., we build our free time around opportunities for privacy, quiet, freedom from crowds, etc. not so much around socializing with normal people . . . whoever they are. 😉

Working in internet porn means we have a ton of flexibility to make our own schedules. I love the feeling of getting work done on days when other people aren’t accomplishing anything except nursing hangovers, etc. There’s something almost defiant and naughty about working at midnight, weekends and holidays, and then being able to take a leisurely walk, say, on a Tuesday morning when other people are sitting in cubicles and having to kiss people’s asses after enduring early commutes and see a movie when other people haven’t even gotten home from their jobs.

But what about you? I’m curious in part because I often build promos and send emails to you folks (affiliates) on “off” days and wonder if you’re more likely to read and follow-up on them on weekends or if they wind up buried at the bottom when you check your email on a regular work day.

Working late nights, weekends, and holidays embodies a lot of the excitement of being a self-employed internet entrepreneur – I get that feeling of having access to money and gambling to “win” it that regular jobs don’t provide. Every minute feels like an opportunity, and using the minutes other people don’t use to try to make money makes me feel like I have an advantage. Maybe it’s purely psychological, but it’s powerful and exciting to me. I’m making money when other people are SLEEPING!

Nothing is guaranteed — we don’t have the security, predictability or stability of a regular job — instead we have the feeling that there is NO LIMIT.

Most people assume being a webwhore is thrilling because of the sex, but for me the thrill is the GAMBLE of running my own business. It’s like being in an international casino that’s open 24/7 where the rules and games are infinite and constantly changing. And I get to wear my pajamas and be my own dealer.

Most people also assume being a webwhore is unhealthy because of the sex, but for me the biggest real(?) danger is in my addiction to playing this game. I cannot quit, and the thrill is just as much (if not more) on the webmaster side as it is on the camgirl/content/”whore” side.

Looking at weekends, evenings and holidays from the point of view of a gambler, I guess I actually AM doing what a lot of people do (or want to do) when they’re off work. Going to Vegas, trying to get lucky. Playing the lottery and fantasizing about winning. But the way we do it is way way smarter. Isn’t it? Or am I just as crazy as any other compulsive gambler?

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